Spiritual Counseling

Friendly, Compassionate Counseling

We as humans seek money and security and all the great variety of things money enables us to buy. We overeat. Food is often substitute for in a vain attempt to secure inner happiness, if only temporarily.  Indulgence in alcohol and drugs may provide a fleeting sense of that most sought-after carefree feeling that we associate with happiness. We often hear the phrase; “I will be happy if….” But the sources of the hoped-for happiness are generally external, whereas that true and lasting happiness is only possible when sought from within. We may believe that if we find the right partner to love we will live happily ever after as the fairy tales promised, but life is not like that! Happiness can ONLY be found within, and I have certainly walked this path, and everyone’s path is different, but I love to help guide people to their own individual journey to happiness.

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I Can Help You

I can assist with practical & spiritual steps & also identify hidden negative believes that holds you back. I can show you how to understand your destiny and the challenges you may face. With awareness of our weaknesses, we can put our strengths into where we need to grow. put our strengths into where we need to grow – to become better human beings, and make our home, society and the world a better place. I do a holistic healing which channels energy from the universal life force all around us.  When facilitating this loving energy, a state of peace and harmony is created within the mind, body and spirit.  This energy stimulates the body’s healing chemistry and removes negativity and blockages held in the body.  I can also look at your  physical diet and exercises to make feel whole. I work with the teachings of this Century’s Biggest Humanitarian, Sri Sathya Sai Baba, who encourages us to practice;  

“Love All – Serve All”

“Be Good – See Good – Do

“Help Ever – Hurt Never.”

Payments on this website are accepted via secure PayPal services.