Eva's Testimonials

Please look below for the written testimonials from my satisfied clients both with readings, healings and workshops. I have too many to put them all on here but as they say the best advertising is word of mouth and I always have return clients as well as their friends, family and work colleagues…..

Steve Spiritboy (Psychic/Healer)

I have personally worked with Eva for many years both with workshops, event readings, spiritual mentoring as well as volunteers at the Cairns Spiritual Centre. Eva has served as President at the Spiritual Centre and has been a volunteer for over 6 years. Eva gasp of the Tarot and Numerology is both insightful and invigorating. Eva puts her heart and soul into her readings and has run regular workshops at the local Spiritual Centre and other places to help those wanting to learn about their Spiritual Self. She has been on her spiritual journey for  her whole life and has travelled extensively especially to Mystical Ashram’s in India. Eva has had much experience in life including Nursing and Midwifery, and her love of helping people is very evident in her readings. I have no problems recommending Eva’s services to those in need and I wish her all the best. (www.spiritboy.com.au)

Susanna Isabella (Medium/Artist)

“Eva Ronning has given me great Insight with her Readings and guided me through challenging times. I recommend her from my Heart especially for Women who need Love & Support and Healing. She has been a long time friend and Angel of Love & Light to me sharing her Wisdom with me ” 

♡ Susanna Isabella


Good morning Eva, it was wonderful to meet you yesterday and have my first reading. I really felt in the presence of a person on a strong spiritual path. As I discussed about my abusive childhood and challenges this year and positivity, could you please send me some forgiveness readings you mentioned. Forgiveness is so important. I want peace and serenity for the years ahead while recognising what has happened.


When it comes to passion and loving what you do, it’s hard not to think of Eva. Whether she is doing readings, numerology, teaching a class or preparing Sai Vibrionics, she does it with gusto. Eva’s knowledge, work ethics and her ability to truly listen and being present for her clients show a compassionate heart. Her kindness, compassion, and strong spiritual connection make her not only an amazing healer but also a person you can fully trust.


 Hi Eva! This is Jasmine, I met with you on Sunday Morning for a tarot reading.
Thank you so much for seeing and speaking with me, I am now in a very clear and peaceful headspace. I was coming towards the end of a personal spiritual breakthrough and meeting with you helped me push through to the other side of it. Thank you.


Hi Eva, I’m not sure if you remember me, you did my numerology and a reading for me during Easter with my friend. I was the one experiencing relationship troubles and had just sat an admissions exam to get into study medicine and become a doctor. Well I’m doing as you told me and writing to you when I found out I was in, just like you told me. You had assured me I was getting in and to email you when I hear the good news so here I am. I have the good news, I’m going to study medicine and I’m leaving Cairns to do so, just like you predicted. So thank you for your reading and for your faith in me. I’d love to see you once more before I leave Cairns if it’s possible to organise a time? Kind Regards,


I met Eva 18 months ago. During that time she has been a kind, compassionate and very friendly. She is a passionate reader and healer. She loves teaching numerology and tarot. Link in with Eva to experience her generosity of spirit yourself.
With Love Soo.