Eva's Story

I was Born in Norway

I was born, raised and lived in Norway for 30 years, where I did my training as a Registered Nurse. I worked in the Emergency department, Coronary Care unit and Intensive care. Combined with my interest in heath was my love for Spirituality. I did most of my early spiritual journey in Norway’s breath-taking nature. I loved walking and skiing for days in the Norwegian mountains.

Then in 1989 I was blessed with the opportunity of traveling around the globe. Among the countries I visited was Australia. How funny that story is as I travelled with my girlfriend, and my boyfriend at that time. My girlfriend and I didn’t have much interest in visiting Australia or New Zealand, but as my boyfriend wanted too, we all travelled there. How ironically then, that both us girls ended up marrying Aussies.

ORBS IN NORWAY – This was taken on one of my visits to a beautiful Norwegian mountain and lake. My girlfriend and I had a pure Spiritual weekend away from the city in a stunning timber cabin, filled with spiritual talks, mantras and bhajan songs (Praise to the Divine within us all). On one our walks, we stopped by the lake and still doing Mantras continually, we captured with two cameras over a short time, multiple shape and coloured Orbs. What a unique spiritual experience to be blessed with. I later studied about Orbs, as didn’t know much about it prior to this experience. And the environment which is clean, pure and sacred is favorable for capturing this holy phenomenon. An orb is a ball of light energy that is connected to spirits. Orbs can be spotted in photos or even videos. 

After traveling around the world I ended up settling down in Far North Queensland, Cairns, Australia where ‘The Rainforest meets the Great Barrier Reef.’ It was also in Cairns that I ended up doing my Midwifery education. All through my years of studying nursing which included 3 years of administration, I found we were merely studying our ‘tiny’ knowledge of our physical body, but missing this extremely important part of us, which is our emotional and spiritual soul.  I have always been interested in us as spiritual beings, and loved when I found what philosopher; Louise B. said; “We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

On my spiritual path I have experienced the extremes of life. These included experiences of life and death, wealth to poverty and time lonely. This resulted in me losing ‘everything’, our two homes, one on a deep sea water frontage and the other a 5 bedroom home on the prestige Palm Cove Beach, our black Holden Monaro, our business, my nursing license and my reputation as well as my marriage. We had taken a long time to built up wealth through extremely long hours, dedication and hard work. Now 11 years down the track, there is the one feeling which comes to me time and time again – gratitude and joy in my heart. I want to stand on the roof and shout out loud; Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

 I do realise that without this experience with ‘hell on earth’, as one person described it, there is no way, I would be where I am today. We need to work together not find differences and boundary’s because of race, religion, culture or any differences at all. We are all ONE and all connected to one another. Now with the wisdom, understanding and knowledge of this experience as a human being I am better equipped to help you find your soul purpose to becoming a happier human being.

Being on my  spiritual path and no longer doing addictions of work, work, work and making millions of dollars I feel at peace and have found my true life path of helping others in a meaningful and loving way. After embarking on this practical spiritual journey, miracles started to happen in my life. Of course being a writer resulted in me writing the miracles down as they happened. That is now a book in the making, which I have called; “Practical Spiritual Handbook – Living in Love – Discovering Synchronicity.”(soon to be published)

My greatest joy and happiness is sharing this wonderful and magical journey with others, helping, assisting ,guiding, counselling and teaching fellow human beings, to navigate a way through their daily struggle in this worldly jungle.. Again I love the saying by  our enlightened Master Sri Sathya Sai Baba; ” A failed spiritual path is more successful than a worldly successful life.” I welcome you all  to this amazing, beautiful and magical spiritual path. May I be your servant to assist and help you in any shape or form.

Love Light Blessings- Eva