Let Me Help You to Optimum Life Health and Vitality.

I do numerology with the tarot to guide and uplift my clients. My psychic reading are held in a private air conditioned room.

On Monday from 9.30 am I read from the Crystal Ball Bookstore in Grafton St, Cairns. Come in and see me.

I do 30 minute numerology readings. Numerology is a great way to understand and guide you on your life path.

Come in and enjoy an hour long Reiki Energy Healing session in air conditioned comfort at Whitfield, Cairns.

I hold many types of workshops on many different topics. From Healing, Mantras, Helping with the monkey mind and many more.

I have extensive knowledge on spiritual health and all aspects of it. Healthy Mind, healthy body is what we all want

Let me help you find your peace and happiness.

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How do I work
with my clients?

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most asked questions by my clients.

Generally your inner self will call you to seek help and confirmation. Often you can get signals from your intuition or you see my card or walk past the shop and notice a sign.

The readings are held privately. They are friendly, personal, non judgemental and in a one on one space. I use a combination of many skills such as channelling, clairvoyance, psychic feelings, as well as other tools such as tarot and numerology to help find your answers. I can help with messages from your higher self, guides, angels and helpers from the other side for you to find a way back on your path to happiness, life direction or love. What needs to come through for you, will.

Most certainly, one of the most important aspects of my work is confidentiality. You can tell me anything and I will not judge or lecture. My aim and desire is to help you through life’s ups and downs in the most loving and compassionate way. Often just talking about issues can help and make us feel lighter to find that direction we need to follow. We all need at times to be able to express and talk about our worries and concerns. Society, life and work pressures tend to make people keep important things to themselves allowing important matters not to be dealt with. Talking with me helps you acknowledge and hopefully work though them, releasing the stress and moving forward.

I have extensive experience and have been reading psychic tarot for many years in many overseas countries as well as Australia. I always get great feedback, often months or years after the reading. Please refer to the client’s feedback to see for yourself. I have taught tarot and many other skills to many students over the years and regularly run a variety of courses and workshops. I have mentored and organized and ran spiritual development nights at our local spiritual centre as well as my own self-development courses for many years. I continue to learn and have a strong connection to spirit through my intuition. Please book a reading or healing and see for yourself.

Eva Ronning

Psychic/ Healer/ Medical intuitive

Reading From

162 Mcmanus St, Cairns, Australia

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