Psychic Readings with Eva

Friendly, Compassive Helpful Advice and Guidance

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Friendy, Compassionate Readings

Eva does Numerology with the Tarot to guide and uplift clients on their life paths. Eva brings a compassionate understanding to her readings, to allow clear vision of the blockages we all have in life. Through clarity you can change your life to what we were meant to experience. She can assist as a life consultant. She can help with comprehensive guidance, including combating our mental always chattering ‘monkey-mind’. Often causing sleepless nights for many. She will help people connect to their heart space again.

She can also assist with practical & spiritual steps & also identify hidden negative beliefs that holds you back. Eva shows you how to understand your destiny and the challenges you may face. With awareness of our weaknesses, you can put your strengths into where we need to grow.  Eva can also look at your  physical (diet exercise) to make feel whole. with it being maintained.  Eva also offers Energy Healings

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How Does it Work?

Many people wonder how I can receive important messages for them through the tarot. I use intuition and guidance from spirit to help you better understand what you are going through at present. You can then change what you need to to have a better life.