Eva’s Story

I was born and lived in Norway for 30 years, where I did my training as a Nurse. Working in emergency, coronary care, intensive care before travelling the world in 1989. And ended up settling down in Far North Queensland, Cairns, where ‘The Rainforest meets The Great Barrier Reef.’ Where I ended up doing my Midwifery education. But all through my years of studying, which included 3 years of administration, I found we are merely studying our ‘tiny’ knowledge of our physical body, but missing this extremely important part of us which is our  emotional and spiritual being. I have always been interested in us as spiritual beings, and loved when I found what philosopher;Louise B. wrote; “We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

On this spiritual path of mine, which includes experiences from wealth to time in jail, with the result of losing ‘everything’, our two homes,one on a deep sea water frontage and the other a 5 bedroom home on the prestige Palm Cove Beach,  our black Holden Monaro,our business, my nursing license,my reputation, our long time built up wealth through extremely hard work, and ending our marriage. It catapulted me into looking at the meaning of life and hitting rock bottom; I did ask myself the question:” What is important in life?’ And the answer which came to me was: ‘Wisdom and Joy,'(Love being part of that) and that is what has been coming into my life since then. And now 11 years down the track, there is one feeling and words, which comes to me constant and that is gratitude and joy in my heart. I want to stand on the roof and shout out loud; Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! I do realise that without this experience with ‘hell on earth’, as one described it as, there is no way, I would be where I am today, with the wisdom, understanding and knowledge of us as human beings and our purpose of achieving growth of our souls, to all become better human beings, unrelated to race, religion, culture or any differences at all. We are all ONE.

As starting on my PRACTICAL spiritual path 11 years ago, no longer doing addiction of work,work,work and  investing and making millions of dollars. As embarking on this practical spiritual journey, miracles started to happen in my life and being a writer resulted in me writing the miracles down as they happened. That is now a book, which I have called; “Practical Spiritual Handbook – Living in Love – Discovering Synchronicity.”(still to be published)

My greatest joy and happiness is sharing this wonderful and magical journey with others, helping, assisting ,guiding, counselling and teaching fellow human beings, to navigate and finding a way to  their struggle in this worldly jungle of ours on planet earth. Again I love the saying by  our enlightened Master Sri Sathya Sai Baba; ” A failed spiritual path is more successful than a worldly successful life.”

I welcome you all  to this  Amazing, Beautiful and Magical Spiritual Path. May I be your servant to assist and help you in any shape or form.

Love Light Blessings



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